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Smile Clinic

Smile Clinic

Our smile clinic has become a very popular clinic offering patients consultations and 5 star smile makeover treatments such as non prep Emax veneers, Emax crowns and zirconia crowns and bridges.

Consultations are free and non obligation. There is a £20 fee to secure an appointment however this is refunded after consultation appointment or credited onto your treatment should you wish to proceed with your desired smile makeover.

Desirable Smiles achieved by Rico

Rico has developed and liaised with world lab specialists who produce five star qualities for our patients. Priority being patients smile desires. Over the years in transforming smiles we have managed to produce the thinnest and most durable eMax veneer.

Shades available are lighter than the whitest you can possibly lighten tooth enamel to by tooth whitening systems. We tend to do majority of cases non prep, meaning there is no drilling at all of the teeth, the pristine emax veneer is produced and clipped over the natural tooth and cemented in place. This is an extremely popular treatment as there is drilling of a perfect natural tooth. Results being instant straight white makeover smile with no damage done to natural tooth.


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